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Sometimes I wonder how the first fur trade went down.


Sometimes I wonder how the first fur trade went down.

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Fet et Moi - Paris is for Lovers

"Be grateful for your life, every detail of it,
and your face will come to shine like a sun,
and everyone who sees it will
be made glad and peaceful."

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An unruly and distractingly professional “Final Bounce” from the midnight watcher and hoarder of crystal teapots, Florist himself - One like this hasn’t come along in ages - since 2004 to be exact - Please, please watch out for this cut this year; shrouded and swollen with mist, this excursion doesn’t slow down from the first sound onward, and at the 3 minute mark, with a tender but independent and sassy melodic element, shows us what this year’s dancefloors are going to feel, smell, and taste like - this could be a rare opportunity…

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Some of my favourite things in 2012



& It Was U / Ocean Floor For Everything - How To Dress Well 

Every Single Night - Fiona Apple

Jasmine - Jai Paul 

Time - Pachanga Boys (Gnaoua Boys edit)

Woo - Maximillion Dunbar 

Lady - Chromatics

La Ballade De Jim - Paradis

Pyramid / Locked - Four Tet


Dukes of Chutney on Beats in Space 

Tusk Wax for Beats on Space 

Four Tet - Fabric Live 59

High Life by Noise In My Head for Non Collective 

The Sight Below for Resident Advisor

Rustie’s Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1


On Being Not Dead (New York Times)

Peter Thiel’s Stanford class notes 

Wealth Rises in Mongolia, as Does Worry (New York Times)

The New Elitists (New York Times)

The Crisis of European Democracy (Amartya Sen for The New York Times

Get Rich U (Ken Auletta for The New Yorker) 

Their Noonday Demons and Ours (New York Times)  

Music Videos:

What Matters Most for Flying Lotus (Until The Quiet Comes) 

Emily Kai Boch for Grimes (Oblivion) 

Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen for Rhye (The Fall) 

Kristoffer Borgli for Todd Terje (Inspector Norse) 

Tommy O’Haver for Matthew Dear (Her Fantasy) 


"Chrono Trigger has 13 different endings…could you remind me again how many Ulysses has?" -@freecialis

"Airbnb for formal wear." -@valleybrains

"Just met the CEO of four seasons and asked her what she thought of airbnb. She hadn’t heard of it." -@adamludwin

Favourite moment in tech:

Andreessen Horowitz invest in Rap Genius